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Welcome to North Hall High School Volleyball!

The Lady Trojan Volleyball coaches are looking for dedicated student-athletes who take pride in their school and are willing to make a maximum effort in both the classroom and on the volleyball court. Wearing a North Hall Lady Trojan uniform is a privilege, one that carries both responsibilities and rewards.

Here's what you should know:

Athletic Paperwork

You can attend tryouts ONLY after completing all the paperwork required by North Hall High School.

You must visit your health care provider and have him/her complete the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION form.

You must have your parents/guardians complete an insurance form.

You must have your parents/guardians complete an heat policy form

You and your parents/guardians have to complete a concussion form

These forms can be found online or in the front office.


All your paperwork must be completed and returned to the High School office before participation will be allowed.

Volleyball Tryout Schedule


BE ON TIME, which means arrive 15 minutes prior. Do not schedule conflicting appointments during any part of tryouts.

What to Bring/ What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothes: t-shirt, shorts/spandex, socks, court shoes. Do not wear spaghetti-strap tops or shirts exposing a bare midriff. Do not bring jewelry (including earrings) to the gym.

Kneepads are recommended, but not required for tryouts.

Tryout Criteria

The coaching staff will be looking for coachable athletes who have a great work ethic and want to learn to be better players and teammates.

Prior volleyball experience or skill helps, but is not required. Prospective student-athletes will be tested and evaluated for their overall athletic ability and level of volleyball skill. Coaches will apply the following criteria:

Attitude: Players who are positive, competitive and eager to learn. More points will be given to those who demonstrate strong leadership skills, ability work/communicate as a team.

Athletic Ability: Players with the ability to learn and perform complex skills. Volleyball puts a premium on explosiveness and rewards those who are unafraid to attack the ball.

Position: Players whose skills fit a specific need for the team's overall balance.

You are NOT guaranteed a roster spot because you have played a previous year. Each year players are evaluated on a "fresh slate" basis. Spots are EARNED!!

What to Expect at Tryouts

Expect to work hard: You will be asked to perform all physical testing and drills at full speed. You should run when shagging balls, when moving from drill to drill and when going to and from water breaks.

Skill Introduction: Prospective student-athletes will be taught the basics of the Lady Trojans Volleyball system, including passing, serving, attacking, setting, blocking and defense.

Attitude Evaluation: Prospective Lady Trojans should be willing to try hard, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and keep trying.

As with most team sports, coaches will evaluate players for their ability and potential to fill specific positional needs (setter, outside hitter, middle blocker, opposite hitter, defensive specialist, and/or libero).

How to Impress the Coaches

Be among the first to arrive in the gym and among the first to help set up nets and equipment.

Be among the first to line up for drills.

Look the coach in the eye when she/he speaks to you or the team.

Be a champion ball shagger.

Be among the first to help take down the nets and put away the equipment.

Options for players

Tryouts are a difficult time. One of the toughest jobs for any coach is the final decision about which players make which team. The Lady Trojans Volleyball coaching staff strives to make all decisions fairly, without bias, based on a numerical calculation of all evaluators throughout the sessions of tryouts. During the tryout process, it is not unusual for some girls to decide they would rather not continue trying out. If you think you'd like to withdraw from consideration for a spot on the team, please talk with one of the coaches before leaving the gym.

If you are not satisfied with your performance, and are considering not playing, there are other options available to you that can keep you involved in volleyball.

Be a team manager. Volleyball managers have a chance to learn leadership and organizational skills and fill a valuable role on the team.

Be a team statistician. This person will be traveling with the team and taking stats for the players. This position is important because it will help the coaches make decisions about offensive and defensive strategies for the games.

Players will be rated on volleyball skills, agility, athleticism, position, attitude and coachability

Scoring Legend

= Poor

= Below Average

= Average

= Above Average

= Excellent

Tryout Drills

Each player in attendance will be rated on the following items:











Overall Game Speed, performance under pressure

Players are also evaluated on categories such as:





Following Directions


Finishing a Play/Drill


Team Selection Process

The Junior Varsity and Varsity teams will be formed using the following process:

Each team will be taking a maximum of 10-12 players per team.

Only players that attend the tryouts may be chosen for a select team. A player missing a tryout session may be ineligible for a select team. If there is a legitimate excuse as in death in the family or injury to the player, an individual decision will be made and it will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.

The following will be used to influence a coach's selection

Tryout Evaluation Form: The evaluation process is an important piece of information to a coach's decision but not the only piece. The tryout evaluation form provides an independent observers opinion on an individual's specific skill; it does not provide important details regarding non-skills attributes nor does it take into consideration a coach's style of play.

Player Distribution: A quality, competitive team must have players that collectively possess all volleyball skills and attributes.

Intangible Skills: In addition to the tangible volleyball skills, we will also consider intangible elements when finalizing our rosters. Intangible attributes would include: character, coachability, competitiveness, performance under pressure, court awareness, and team chemistry.


Like all worthwhile extra-curricular activities, high school sports require a substantial commitment. Volleyball – an ultimate TEAM sport – demands that diverse individuals work as one, in a fast-paced test of coordination, concentration and – above all – cooperation. Building a team requires a commitment of everyone's TIME.

As a member of the North Hall Volleyball team, you are expected to:

Attend every practice

Skills training, lesson plans and game preparations are all built one step on top of another. Coaches will not have the opportunity to help players "catch up." If you know you must miss a practice, you must call the coaches in advance. Phone numbers will be given out once teams are assigned. It will be your responsibility to make up the practice session that you missed.


For most road matches at other high schools, all players must ride the team bus to the game. A player should be prepared to do homework during the bus rides. A player may, however, go home from the opponent's gym with her parents or another player as long as the coaching staff has been made aware prior to leaving.

Avoid other conflicts

There are often different types of testing that takes place during the volleyball season. Before you plan anything outside volleyball, please check with your coach for any VB obligation that you may be interfering with. Try to avoid conflicts.


Volleyball played well is a thing of beauty. Few athletic endeavors require as much teamwork; rarely does a sport reward hard work so completely. Athletes who study the game and apply the lessons learned relish every opportunity to practice and play. Spectators who watch competitive volleyball for the first time are easily hooked.

Your Lady Trojan coaches love volleyball. We are committed to you as students, as athletes and as young women. It is our goal to provide every opportunity for you to become as good as you want to be. More important, we strive to help you and your teammates become the best team you can be.

Put the team before yourself

As a Lady Trojan volleyball player, you agree that the team is paramount. Your individual goals and your team's goals do not necessarily conflict, but when they do, you accept that decisions are made for the good of the team. Successes are sweeter – setbacks sting less – when they are shared.

Rules help our team run smoothly

Each player must decide if she buys into our system and is willing to commit to this team. Every rule is for the benefit of the team, and you have to decide, in advance, whether you want to follow them. If not, you should not be part of the team.

Our team thrives on trust and respect

You must trust your coach and your teammates, and behave in a way that earns their respect. You must do everything reasonably necessary to make yourself and your team better.

Our athletes learn to be coachable

There is often more than one way to do things correctly. In some cases, however, your coaches will select a specific strategy for the benefit of the entire team, even if it may not seem to benefit a particular individual. You must be willing to make changes according to your coaches' suggestions. If coaches seem to be 'riding' you, it is usually because they think you are capable of a higher level of performance.

Our team works hard

Everyone wants to win, but few make the sacrifices to do it. No one will give you anything in life, you must earn it. You cannot cut corners. If, for example, you don't have a consistent, killer serve, you should work long and hard to get one.

Our team has balance

To balance academics, athletics, work and family, you must plan ahead and make difficult choices. The choices you make will affect your future opportunities. Choose wisely.

On our team, bench time is playing time

Communication is the key to success. This includes communicating on the volleyball court and outside of volleyball

Our team can be successful

Your coaches want you to know that almost any obstacle can be overcome with hard work. Commitment, perseverance and responsibility will be rewarded.

Our team is disciplined

Discipline is important in all aspects of life. It's that voice in your head that tells you to do something you don't want to do but need to do.

Our team passes it on

As you move through high school, share your new skills and insights with new or younger players. Be generous with your time. Consider helping at the middle school or club level as an assistant coach or referee. Be an active and involved Lady Trojan alumnus.

Playing time

For coaches, delegating playing time is a zero-sum exercise; the decision to give one player more time on the court means another player will get less. As such, all good coaches know that with each decision, however well-considered, comes the likelihood that someone will be disappointed.

Strong teams have strong benches. Players who keep focused on the match while not on the court greatly increase their chances of success once they enter the game. Spirited bench players almost always infect their teammates with optimism and extra energy.

Lineup decisions are primarily the result of careful consideration about our own team's chemistry, and our opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Playing time is earned by hard work, proven performance and an occasional hunch. Coaches take a season-long view about each player's time on the court.

Parents should resist measuring their daughter's volleyball experience solely by the amount of her playing time. We strive to inject each player with a love for the sport, teaching her to value the opportunity to be strong and confident, whether in practice or a game.

We look forward to a GREAT tryout and a fantastic season. Thank you for your interest. Let's make this the BEST year yet.

Emi Hughes

Head Coach

North Hall Volleyball